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information about solar cooker

Hello friends, you must have heard the name of  Solar Cooker, it is a device through which we can cook food using the energy of Sun.

But do you know-
  • How does solar cooker work ?
  • What is its structure like ?
  • What are its advantages and disadvantages ?
So in this post you will get answers to all of these questions and you will get complete information about solar cooker.

What is Solar Cooker ?

It is used in cooking, heating, and to pasteurize beverages. It does not require any type of fuel like wood, coal, gas etc. It works only with the light coming from the sun and it saves fossil fuel and also reduces environmental pollution.
Information about Solar cooker

How to Make Solar Cooker ?

To make solar cooker, we require a wooden box, aluminium sheet, reflector, glass sheet and a mirror.

First of all we have to paint a aluminium sheet by black color then fix it in a wooden box because the black color absorbs light.

After this we have to cover this box with a glass sheet and attach a mirror whit the help of Hinges and finally place a food container in this box.

So That's how we can make a solar cooker and now i am going to show you Solar Cooker Diagram it will help you to understand this process easily,
How to make solar cooker
Image Source- Google | Image By- indiamart

Solar Cooker Working

Before staring the working of solar cooker we have to understand that solar cooker can works only in sunlight, So we have to put it a place where it can get proper sunlight. 

First of all the basic principal of working a solar cooker is "Converting sunlight into Heat energy"

In the solar cooker, the inner surface is black so that the energy coming from the sun is more absorbed.

The rays coming from the sun fall on the reflector and reflect on the glass sheet, this sheet does not allow sun rays to come back out, which increases the temperature inside, and the food starts to cook.

Importance/ Advantages of Solar Cooker

  • There is no need for any type of fossil fuel like wood, coal, gas etc. in its use.
  • The use of solar cooker reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and harvesting of forest, which results in a reduction in environmental pollution.
  • All the nutritious ingredients are present in the cooked food 
  • We can use it for heating and boiling food etc.

Disadvantages of Solar Cooker

  • It takes longer time to cook
  • It does not work well in winter and rainy season because it requires the energy of the sun as fuel.
  • can not use it at night.
I hope you got the complete information about solar cooker but for batter understanding here we have some frequently asked questions and answers.

Some FAQ

(1) Which mirror is used in solar cooker ?
Ans- A concave mirror is used in solar cooker because it focus sun rays to a point so more heat produced at this point.

(2) What are the the 3 types of solar cooker ?
Ans- The 3 types of solar cooker is "Box, Panel and Curved concentrator.

(3) What is the use of solar cooker ?
Ans- The primary use of solar cooker is "Cooking food"

(4) How does a solar cooker works ?
Ans- By converting sunlight into heat energy.

(5) Who invented solar cooker ?
Ans- "Horace de Saussure" in 1767.

(6) Why glass plate is used in solar cooker ? 
Ans- It helps to damping sun rays in box for increasing heat.

(7) How can we increase the efficiency of a solar cooker ?
Ans- Put your cooker at a place where sunlight come properly and for long time.

Follow the link if you want to know about Solar energy in hindi



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