Friday, January 24, 2020

Top 8 Most Popular Uses of Solar Energy

In today's world technology is growing day by day and lots of innovations are happening for making human work as simple as possible.

These innovations and the increment of the world's population have increased the consumption of energy.

solar power

As we all know we have a limited source of conventional energy and now the world is focusing on "the endless energy source" which is solar energy.

Increment in energy consumption and decrement in conventional energy sources have boosted the importance of solar energy.

Before knowing about the uses of solar energy we should take a brief knowledge about it.

What is Solar energy

The conversion of sunlight into electric energy is called solar energy.

The sun is an unlimited source of energy and we all know our dependence on electricity is increasing day by day and we have short stock of natural energy source because of pollution and population hike that's why solar energy is growing as the future of power sector.

what is solar energy

The earth receives sunlight in the form of solar radiation. the number of solar radiation might be different in different locations because of the geography of the place, location and time.

By using solar panels we convert solar radiation into electricity and we can store it also for future uses.

Uses of Solar energy

Solar energy is a perfect replacement for conventional energy that's why the percentage graf of solar energy is increasing year by year.

the uses of solar energy

Here we are describing some sectors which growing very faster in solar energy.

(1) Solar-Powered Transportation: A Drive for Environment

This is a sector that uses approx 25 percent of the world's energy and directly contributing to 24 percent of Co2 emission that's why this sector always needs pollution and fuel-free energy source which is solar energy. 
solar powered transportation
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every country is promoting solar innovation in the transport sector and lots of solar products like Car, Bike, bus, and road are available in this sector.

Some countries are working on solar aircraft and solar trains also. besides this Bus stops, Traffic light, Toll point are also using solar for saving energy.

The solar vehicle has low maintenance cost and 0% Co2 emission. some countries also give tax rebates for uses of solar energy-based vehicles.

(2) Solar-Powered Kitchen: Food Without Pollution

This is a sector where we consume so much fossil fuel and electricity for food. but now lots of solar innovations happened for the kitchen.

solar energy in kitchen

A lot of solar kitchen appliances available in the market that can help us to reduce fuel & electric consumption.

(3) Solar Power in Heating and Cooling System

Now solar energy is also using for water heating and cooling by using solar water heater & solar space heater.

These heaters work on the principle of  "conversion of sunlight into heat energy".

the uses of solar power in heating and cooling
Image Source- Google| Image

Both heaters are getting popular very fast because it doesn't require any kind of electricity or fuel to heat water.

Not only for water heating but the uses of solar energy are also increasing for the cooling systems.

This solar heating and cooling system are also helpful for your swimming pool. some countries also have solar water parks. 

(4) Solar in Technology

solar Power in mobile and technology

Solar products are available as an option in each of the sectors where we use electricity that's why we have multiple solar products option in mobile and gadget like 
  • Mobile 
  • Charger
  • Tablet
  • Music speaker
  • Radio
All this product doesn't require any kind of electricity for the charge. they get charged by using the inbuilt solar panel.

We will see many more products in the future for this sector because new innovation is happening in solar power continuously and the uses of solar energy are progressing globally.

(5) Solar Lighting: A Smart Way of Brightness

Every street, road, and home(outdoor) require lights at night and the use of traditional light can increase your electricity bill a lot, but solar light would be the best option for this concern.
solar powered lighting

The use of solar light is so easy because it is completely "wireless" and this is the best part of it.

The availability of solar light is so easy at a normal price.

The working of these light is so simple it gets charge in sunlight and automatically light on at night.

Additionally, the aesthetic of modern solar lighting can improve the look of your property that's why solar lights are now common to see everywhere.

(6) Rooftop Solar: A Step Towards Tension Free Electricity

Rooftop Solar

This is the most important uses of solar energy because solar gadgets can help you to reduce your electricity bill but rooftop solar can help you to free from electricity bills or say can increase your income because some countries provide facilities, people, for sell of extra solar power to the nearest power station.

Rooftop solar is easy to install for every type of roof and it doesn't require so much maintenance that is the best part about it.

The industrial and commercial sector is taking so much interest in this globally because they take it as a capital investment towards the preservation of the environment.

(7) Solar Power in Agriculture: Make Your Farming Easy

Uses of solar energy in agriculture

This is the most important sector of the world and the demand for machinery at a low cost is increasing in this sector fastly because of population hike and the uses of solar energy-based products would be a perfect choice for it. a lot of solar products like 
  • Pump 
  • Dryer 
  • Duster 
  • Tractor 
are available for agriculture. PV systems can be used for greenhouse, electric fences and many more works related to electricity.

(8) Space-Based Solar Power 

This is a unique concept that is based on collecting solar power in space and distributing it to earth.

Usually, approx 60 percent of solar energy lost when we collect it on earth because of the atmosphere effect

space based solar energy

The best part about it that we get continuously sunlight without any loss because there is no night and cloud in orbit.

Space satellite-based solar panel is more effective compared to the terrestrial solar panel in capturing and conversion of sunlight.

First of all solar panels will be fixed on the energy terminating satellite who will collect high-intensity solar radiation and jent mirror will be used for reflecting more solar rays on small collectors. finally, this radiation will be transfer on earth wirelessly by microwaves or laser bimb.

Some other uses 

As we know the uses of solar energy are increasing very fast all over the world and so many solar products available around us at a competitive price.

Here we are describing some more solar products which are not describing above and we can use them easily at home.
  • Air Conditioner
  • Fan
  • Flash Light
  • Ventilation Fan


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